Financing Short Films

The wonderful world of generating finance for your short film

Finding finance for your production can be an extremely stressful and difficult hurdle to pass when setting out on a new project. For all of its fantastical outputs there is no getting away from the fact that filming requires money to move.

Of course it is possible to shoot on micro budgets and this is something we are all very familiar with but even a micro budget needs to be generated and come from somewhere.

Crowd funding and community funding has taken off in the last year as an extremely viable method of financing your film.

There are some great services out these such as Kickstarter and CrowdCube which not only support small no return investment in creative ideas but also offer up a community for you to begin establishing yourself within.

To achieve success with this route you must build a campaign that honestly advertises and promotes your film or project and through a series of small cost incentives encourage people to donate smaller amounts of money. This process is well documented on their websites but please get in touch should you need any support or advice with the approach.

Financing Options

These are the methods we approach first when financing our independent films

Personal Financing

Financing your short film yourself is a dangerous game but sometimes the only option. It is a good way to start out as this process will teach you the value of budget and what you can do with it. The trouble with this method is unless you have a wealthy uncle to bail you out debts can quickly spiral. Check the news section for handy tips.

Community Funding

Community funding is a great way to get your project made. Whether that be a short film, feature film, commercial or documentary. You will be surprised of the size of productions that use this method to generate finance both large and small so don’t be put off. Take your time with your initial campaign to increase your chances of success. 

Private Investment

Private Investment of your films or projects is definitely the tougher route to go down however this will present you with a different set of options. You do have the potential of investors requiring a return so contract it so you are safe. The benefits to the approach is you can look your investors in the eye and this can lead to support on all levels. 

Studio Investment

This is the big one! If you have a film that requires considerable budgets then the best route to go down is approaching large studios. Studios have the finance and infrastructure to support large scale films with budgets of millions so if your idea is strong enough then pitch it to the big guns. This will present the biggest battles and the biggest rewards.